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Sunday, October 26th -- Jianre Moriancomer

Alright, this is just too slow for a webcomic... (not, that I am discontinuing FurrShadowed, so don't get all worked up.)

But I have been trying to figure out a way that I can afford to devote more time to updating this story, amidst my already busy schedual. ... and after a lot of thought I came to the realization that "affording" was a very large portion of the problem right there. Lately, most of the work I devote time to, is work that is in some manner, earning me the extra money I'm trying to survive on! Since FurrShadowed at present is drawing in Nothing, it's hard to find Extra time to draw up the pages!

So I've decided to add a donation incentive, and while I'm not expecting much right now, maybe if I can make a little money back FurrShadowed can progress at a better speed!!!

So for every $50 dollars donated, I will finish another page of Furrshadowed during the month of the donation!! ^_^ ... lets see how it works.